e-Invoicing is mandatory for businesses with 10 Cr+ turnover. Likely to be mandatory from Jan 2023 for businesses with 5 Cr+ turnover

Introduction & Benefits

Corporations and accounting firms operating in the UK, Europe and further afield are required to navigate a dynamic indirect tax regulatory landscape. Businesses incur significant costs managing VAT compliance processes relating return filing and data validation. Cygnet TaxTech Indirect Tax Compliance Platform helps businesses of all sizes achieve compliance by providing a centralized, scalable, and automated solution to accurately prepare and file VAT returns in the UK, EU and further afield.

An easy-to-use cloud application for organizations of all sizes to meet their VAT filings obligations. A comprehensive end-to-end solution encompassing the many features:

  • Robust multi country SAAS VAT compliance solution
  • Comprehensive error detection and transaction validation
  • Global dashboard for complete transparency and control
  • Flexible reporting for reconciliation and trend analysis
  • Seamless integration with multiple source systems
  • Easy to use and intuitive user interface
  • Digital filing & reporting
  • Keep businesses updated with evolving tax laws and regulations
  • Compatible with the business of any size and type


Cygnet TaxTech’s Indirect Tax Software Solution is built and supported by tax professionals. The software is updated regularly for tax and system logic ensuring full compliance with current legislation, delivering a comprehensive automated cloud-based solution that is fast, accurate, and easy to use.



This solution is best for:


Learn how tax teams are ensuring quality data for accurate tax submissions with our VAT returns and compliance management solution


Learn how small businesses can benefit from our easy to implement Cygnet TaxTech solution

Accounting firms

Help your clients file VAT returns on time with our solution

ERP providers/Integrators

Get a solution that can easily be integrated into any system


VAT returns automation solution

Connect any business systems with our data converter to prepare a centralized data of all sales and purchase reports which helps in data validation and error detection. Integration with Cygnet TaxTech’s EUVAT solution will prepare compatible multi-country VAT returns and gain instant ready-to-file format according to the respective EU authority’s jurisdiction.

VAT returns automation solution

Value added offerings

Compliance tracker

Track tax compliance submissions across Europe & the UK, improve coordination between internal tax teams and external advisors, perform activities on the documents and do more with Cygnet TaxTech’s Compliance tracker

RPA bots

Solution powered with Big Data, RPA, and AI-ML for efficient, compliant, and error-free indirect tax management across Europe and the UK

Data converter

Create a series of automated process flows to perform various functions on the data extracted from source systems, transforming/converting data in the required format along with replacing the manual adjustments undertaken by finance professionals with Cygnet Tax Tech’s data converter.

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