e-Invoicing is mandatory for businesses with 10 Cr+ turnover. Likely to be mandatory from Jan 2023 for businesses with 5 Cr+ turnover


Cygnet TaxTech’s VAT returns and compliance management solution helps tax heads, finance controllers, IT heads and POS system providers across GCC countries such as UAE, KSA, Oman, and Bahrain with their daily tax needs. It digitizes Invoice generation and VAT return preparation, i.e., collating and validating data and preparing, verifying & submitting VAT returns in specific formats provided by the tax authorities.

  • Issue digital invoices/credit notes with ease
  • Accurate & automated VAT return preparation and ready to file returns
  • Eliminate the risk of penalties & save delay costs
  • Stay on top of your tax regulations across all GCC countries


Document (invoice, credit note) Generation

Automated validation of transactions basis FTA rules

Automated VAT Returns preparation

FAF file & Archival of data

Reprinting of invoice at later dates

Can be accessed from anywhere

Email invoices directly to customer


Cloud based system for data archival

Easy to migrate from existing system (existing system masters can be imported using excel)

Easy to configure invoice templates


VAT returns automation solution

Experience end-to-end automation in preparing indirect tax returns as per tax authority required compliant format with flawless integration between your business systems, and Cygnet TaxTech’s Indirect tax compliance platform

VAT returns automation solution

Value added offerings

Compliance tracker

Manage and track the updated status tax compliance submissions across GCC countries, improve coordination between internal tax teams and external advisors with Cygnet Tax Tech’s compliance tracker.

RPA bots

Technology powered solutions such as Big Data, RPA, and AI-ML for efficient, compliant, and error-free indirect tax management across GCC countries.

Data converter

Automate various processes such as data extraction from source systems, replacing the manual adjustments undertaken by finance professionals, and more with Cygnet Tax Tech’s data converter.



  • 10,000
    Transactions per month limit
  • 2000 AED
    One time Onboarding Charges
  • 100 AED
    Per Month Usage charges


  • 1,00,000
    Transactions per month limit
  • 2000 AED
    One time Onboarding Charges
  • 500 AED
    Per Month Usage charges


  • 5,00,000
    Transactions per month limit
  • 2000 AED
    One time Onboarding Charges
  • 2500 AED
    Per Month Usage charges


  • No cap
    Transactions per month limit
  • Contact Us
    One time Onboarding Charges
  • Contact Us
    Per Month Usage charges


  • Unlimited
    Transactions for 30 days
  • Free
    Onboarding for 30 days
  • Free
    Usage for 30 days

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