e-Invoicing is mandatory for businesses with 10 Cr+ turnover. Likely to be mandatory from Jan 2023 for businesses with 5 Cr+ turnover

Gear up for the Phase-II of e-Invoicing implementation in KSA

Is your POS System equipped for KSA Phase-II regulations?

Is your system connected with ZATCA?

Can your system process huge volumes of invoices?

Can you meet phase-II compliance needs such as XML structure, UUID, Hash of XML?

How will you resolve errors in bulk invoices?

Worried about the e-Invoice implementation in KSA?

  • The inability to integrate multiple business systems with ZATCA
  • Connectivity issues for POS terminals to submit e-Invoices to ZATCA
  • The limited processing ability of POS systems to meet ZATCA compliance
  • Failure of e-Invoices submission to ZATCA
  • Non-compliance penalties and risks

Get ZATCA approved e-Invoicing solution today!

On-cloud & on-premise e-Invoicing solution compatible with ZATCA

Ready API integration to fetch & return data to POS & ERPs

Extensive validations & data transformation capabilities

Generate PDF/A3, XML, Hash of XML, UUID, Cryptographic stamp & QR code in real-time

Real-time validation & submission of invoices to ZATCA API

Tamper-proof system with secured login and access control management

Process large volume of invoices

BI Dashboards for insightful reports and better decision making

Why us? We have the best e-Invoicing solution to cater to your needs. Book A Demo

Ready integration with 125+ ERP

Processing millions of transactions within minutes

e-Invoices in Arabic & English language with QR code

400+ top corporates as clients

Scalable solution with excellent support and security

1750+ Million e-Invoices generated

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