e-Invoicing is mandatory for businesses with 10 Cr+ turnover. Likely to be mandatory from Jan 2023 for businesses with 5 Cr+ turnover

Introduction & Benefits

As per Government notification, from 1st April’22, electronic invoicing(e-Invoicing) is mandatory for all companies with turnover above Rs. 10 crore. Cygnet Tax Tech presents an e-Invoicing solution that helps small & medium scale businesses, chartered accountants, ERP providers and more to automate their e-Invoicing journey hassle-free.



Solutions suiting your business needs

Integrate accounting software

Connect Cygnet Tax Tech Invoicing tool with the existing accounting system to start generating e-Invoices and e-Way bills.

Integrate any ERP system

Connect the existing ERP system via Cygnet API to generate e-Invoices and e-Way bills.

Get an automated accounting software

Cygnet FACE GST Accounting software help businesses generate e-Invoice and e-Way bill in bulk.

End-to-end e-Invoicing ecosystem

Enterprise-ready e-Invoicing solution helps companies generate bulk e-Invoices in one click.

This solution is best for:


Get best suited Tax Tech solutions for your business.

CA Firms

Learn how you can help your SME/MSME clients digitize e-Invoices and e-Way bills with Cygnet TaxTech solutions.

ERP providers/Integrators

Explore solutions friendly to your ERP with Cygnet TaxTech.


Data connector ecosystem

Value added offerings

Accounting software

Auto-synchronize scheduling e-mails for the missing transaction entries in the general ledger, generate e-Invoices & e-Way bills, generate multiple MIS reports including detailed transaction-level & summary of each journal entry and automate other accounting workflows with accounting software.

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