e-Invoicing is mandatory for businesses with 10 Cr+ turnover. Likely to be mandatory from Jan 2023 for businesses with 5 Cr+ turnover

About Cygnet Billing Solution (On-Cloud)

Simplify your Sales, Purchase, e-Invoice & e-Way Bill Generation process. Become GST Compliant with just a click. E-Invoice & e-Way Bill Generation has never been this easy and quick!


Why Cygnet Billing?

Benefits of Cygnet’s On-cloud Billing solution

Generate e-Invoices & e-Way Bills with a single click – save time and efforts

Manage multiple companies, GSTINs, branches, and godowns from a single login for ease in accessibility

Store all your GST-compliant documents On-Cloud

e-Sign your Invoices directly from your browser

Convert multiple sales orders into a single Invoice

Invoice due-date tracking

Share Invoices over mail and WhatsApp to coordinate better


Within the 6 steps below, Discover a best-in-class unified solution that streamlines the creation of bills, invoices, e-invoices, and e-way bills with comprehensive analytics and a dynamic dashboard

1Sign up

Create an account for billing solution, Follow the instructions on the screen to create an account. Entered details will be used to assist with the support needed

2 Login and get started

Once the account has been created, Get started by entering the username and password on the login page

3 Add GSTIN of your company and other registration details

After login, add new GSTIN and validate it. A notification will be received on the registered email address and mobile number, enter the OTP received to conclude GSTIN verification. Login again on portal with same credentials to enable E-Invoicing and E-Way Bill.

4Create Parties and Items irrespective of any business process

Cygnet’s Billing solution enables user to add all their client/parties’ details individually and add or import items/goods list in excel/CSV format according to your business process for a dynamic view result of payments, purchase or sales orders, Invoices, Credit/debit notes, delivery challan

5 Generate Bills, Orders, Invoices, Challan, E-Invoices & E-Way bills seamlessly

Prepare Invoices, and bills of your purchase/sales data and start creating parties in Cygnet’s Billing solution. Generate e-Invoices and e-Way bills directly from the solution, which generates a unique IRN assigned by NIC/Cygnet IRP.

6 Manage all your business entities

With a single login and a click, manage several companies, branches, and warehouse accounts remotely.

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